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Mara, Shuswap & White Lakes

Shuswap's Lake Country

BC's Fabulous Lake Playground

Mara Lake

This gorgeous warm water lake is approximately 35 kms long with a mean average depth of 59 feet. It's also home to another Pinnacle Lifestyles' resort, Mara Lake RV & Beach Club.

Shuswap Lake

Shuswap Lake consists of four arms which form an H-shape. Ever-popular with water sport enthusiasts the lake offers some of BC's finest opportunities for outdoor recreation. 

White Lake

Highly regarded by fishing enthusiasts as one of Canada's top rainbow trout lakes. White Lake is an intimate lake, uncrowded and pristine. It's also home to Pinnacle's White Lake RV & Fishing Resort.

Life On & Around The Lakes

A Short Drive From Sicamous RV & Cabin Resort

Shuswap Lake and Mara Lake are home to at least fourteen species of fish. Of these species, the Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Sockeye salmon, Rainbow trout, Lake trout, and Burbot offer recreational fishing enthusiasts a plethora of exciting fun on the water.

Fishing.  Livin' Free and Easy!

From wake-boarding, to water skiing, tubing, jetskiing, windsurfing, swimming, fishing, and boating, the local lakes are a stellar playground for all the fun you'll have. Generations of fun!

The Fun You'll Have

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